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When Tango took us over in 1996, there were only few events in our tango zone.

I had live experiences in DJing and organising events(concerts, discoteques, shows...) in other fields(rock, disco, pop,..) and worked professionally in designing audio equipement for discoteques and theatres.

So we started with our own milongas and events. 


                                   MILONGAs DEL MAR - placed in my town Izola(Slovenia) in a very romantic medieval                                                                              venezian Palazzo Manzioli in the old city center near the Adriatic sea. From 2004 to 2009. It                                                              was wel known all around and the place for tangueros from our large tango region ( Slovenia,                                                              Nord Italy, Austria & Croatia ) for the place, good tangos, mostly also music, stages,                                                                                  good tangueros and very good mood... 


                                       CLICK PHOTO


                                    GRAN MILONGAs SIN FRONTERAS -  from 2007. Born when Slovenia entered the EU. A traditional                                                  once a year very known Gran Milonga Sin Fronteras. Always a special event, where we put together                                                 almost all the organizers from our tango region(Slo, N-It, Cro and S-Au) in a common event. Giving the                                              message that we are all part of one world tango community with soliddarity-all the proceeds for charity.

                                     The moto is THERE IS ONE TANGO.

                                      The milonga is moving alternatively from Slovenia to Italy always in different locations.

                                      In 2015 the 6. edition in Trieste(It) with the partecipation of 45(!) tango organisadores(associations), more                                        than 400 tangueros(as usually in last editions), live music(as usually) with known tango orquestas,

                                     4.000 € for the RED Cross organisation.  Till now  we gave apx. 13.000 € for humanitarian organisations.

                                     VIDEOS: MSF 6 , MSF 5 ,         

                                      click photo


                                               1.MILONGA IN THE DESERT ever...

                                                  In occasion of vthe Tango festival 2008 in Istanbul I proposed  to tangueros from Jordan to organise                                                   tha milonga in the desert. It would be original and magical....tango in arabian country and in the                                                           desert....But they should hurry to be the first....

                                                  Well, it happened witghin the 1.Jordan tango festival in 2010. Wonderfull milongas in that occasion:

                                                  1. Amman ( me TDjing) , 2. in roman amphitheatre, 3. Dead sea, 4.desert Wadi Rum.

                                                   click photo                          It was ...magical.



                                                  TANGO & CHOIR

                                                 Experimenting tango in all the ways, we came also to this. A friend tanguera member of the choir                                                       O`balca invited us to try to dance on the Cafetin de Buenos Aires that she arranged.

                                                Everybody was enthusiastic and after some concerts we both felt happy...yes, it`s possible to dance                                                   tango .....also with the choir!



                                               LIVE MUSIC &  stages....  many times the orquestas were ad hock for our events







                                                 REGULAR PRACTICAS FROM 1999 in Vanganel Hall near Koper each thursday. Helping each                                                         other  to improve...











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