Lucio Tango musicalizador -TDj


I`m active in Tango as a tanguero but also as organizer, activist and musicalizador  TDJ-VJ for more than 15 years .

In my area, which includes Slovenia, NE Italy, S Austria and W Croatia I`m well known, also for my originality.

With the selected mostly ˝normal classical˝ but also  newer and nuevo tandas I propose also ˝video tandas˝ with old most known tango orquestas, tandas ˝tango karaokas˝(videos with letras my pr.) and my very specialty: tandas from the original tango records 78 rpm played on a Victrola(mechanical gramophone 78 rpm). The records are 60 to 100 years old(original from BA), on which, at that time, the tangueros from BA actually danced (1 tanda per evening).
I had my own milongas(well known all around), I`m TJ-ing in Slovenia, Italy, Croatia ,…did  it in Paris, Jordan(on my proposal organised first time ever milonga in the desert- me Tjing in Amman)…

Tdjing Festivals Tangofestival Zadar, ADRIA t.festival, Dobrna festival, A`mare Tango Reunion-Tirrenia-It., PITF tango festival Portorož 2016, TangoFest Palermo 2016( )    , .....+many other milongas and events all around…

I allways adapt my TDjing to the particularity of the place or event.


My constant study of the tango of the past and nowdays force me to improve my tandas all the time. In my stock groups(sequences) of tandas for almost  100 hours, which I adopt live to the situation in milonga with my tango base of cca 15.000 songs.




tanda with tangoclassical music-Mozart Tango Hereje:

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